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We love people who want to be in control. More so, the ones who prefer customized trips to North East India over a standard North East India itinerary covering the most popular things to see in North East. Custom trips to North East India help you take a peek under the region’s skin rather than seeing what everybody else sees.

Be it a trip to one of the most offbeat North East India destinations or to one of the more popular destinations in the North East such as Meghalaya, we curate custom trips to North East India, of all kinds.

Custom Trip to the NorthEast

A diverse variety of local traditions, cultures, and ways of life, in general, is what makes North East India so exciting and unique. The Northeast is so much more than its obvious site-seeing attractions. It is about the people and their beliefs in age-old traditions. As it is about the shamans and their shamanistic rituals on every special occasion, small or big.

It is about learning how humans can co-exist in harmony with nature by weaving our lives around it. In short, it is about experiencing and seeing life altogether, from a new and eye-opening point of view. One which is bound to change the way we see life, for good.

A custom tour to North East India is unquestionably the best way to experience the culture and way of life of the region. Our custom trips to North-East India, each curated after closely discussing the interests and curiosities of our guests, help you go deep into the hearts, minds, and beliefs of the people of the region.

With the right mix of visits to culturally and historically significant places, interactive sessions with locals, village walking tours, and specialized guided tours in North East India, we make sure to make the whole experience enriching, opening doors to a whole new world of understanding.

From tribal festivals of North East India to village walks in small Naga villages to staying with locals at lovely homestays in North East India, our cultural tours are all about cultural exchanges and learning from each other.

Please give us a rough idea of what you are looking for and we will get back to you with a tailor-made plan around your interests for your custom trip to the North East!


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