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Home to the Khasi, Jaintia and the Garo tribes, Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful states of North East India. Apt to its name, this abode of clouds is sure to charm you, the visitor at first sight. And we say this from experience. Whether you are on a cultural tour of Meghalaya, or on a textile tour in the northeast or on an offbeat trip to Meghalaya, this small but one of the most beautiful states of North East India has a lot for everyone  :-).

But, it is not just the ever-present clouds and the beautiful veil of mist that makes Meghalaya one of the most charming places in North East India. There is much more to Meghalaya that what meets the eye. It has something for every type of traveler. The offbeat locations Meghalaya offers are second to none. An offbeat trip to Meghalaya that is immersive, humbling, and enriching is one of the best ways to explore and travel to northeast India while learning something new on each step you take.

From bio-engineering wonders like the living root bridges to scary hanging ones, from a thousand-year-old sacred forest to the clean blue waters of the numerous natural pools and from Cherrapunjee — the wettest place on planet earth to Mawlynnong — the cleanest village in all of Asia, Meghalaya offers way more than one can enjoy in one go.

And of course, not to forget the juiciest & sweetest pineapples ever that the state boasts of and the super-friendly tribal people.

Custom Tours in Meghalaya

Going by our motto of showing our part of the world to our guests in the most authentic way, we plan many custom tours in Meghalaya. Tours to offbeat and less explored regions of Meghalaya, purely based on the taste and interests of our guests. If you too wish to plan a custom trip to Meghalaya, just drop us a line here and we will take it up from there.


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