Nagaland – The Land of Warriors

Nagaland – The Land of Warriors

Famous for its rich traditional heritage, ferocious warriors, and colorful festivals, Nagaland is one of the best places in all of North East to come and live a tribal life in its truest form. The Naga hills are home to more than a hundred tribes and sub-tribes, each with traditions and ways of doing things different from the other.

While the roads are not one of the smoothest and the villages are far-flung, a large number of people come to visit all the diverse places and live the different experiences that Nagaland has to offer, Nagaland draws a lot of foreign tourists too, to pay their respects to the fallen soldiers of the World War II in which, the battle of Kohima was a significant chapter.

The wide variety of lifestyles and the associated attires and hand-made jewelry, among many other things makes Nagaland a must-visit destination, at a relaxed pace.


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